About Us

Our company, which started its commercial life in 1985, has been growing over the years on the basis of quality, reliability, and outstanding service understanding. During this process, we have obtained ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 180001 certificates. In 2009, we moved to Gebze, Kocaeli due to its close location to its customers and suppliers. In 2020, Kocausta Engineering Manufacturing Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company incorporated and started to serve its customers in accordance with international standards. Our company, which started its commercial life as a small-scale workshop, today serves with 15 white-collar and 45 blue-collar employees in 5 separate units in a closed area of approximately 3000 m2.




Vision & Mission


To be the preferred solution partner in our fields of activity with special machines and solution-oriented understanding which are the result of innovative and proactive works.



To provide effective solutions in international quality standards to its customers with its competent and expert staff who follow the technological developments in the sector in the fastest way and put them into practice.




Kalite Politikamız

  • For our customers,

We offer high value-added products and services with our customer-oriented service approach and proactive identity.

  • For our suppliers,

We provide quality management system requirements by establishing open and transparent relationships with our suppliers.

  • For Environment and Society,

We contribute to our country as a company that has ethical values and acts with social responsibility awareness.


Our Environmental Policy

  • Environment and Controls

Our main principle, which is valid for all areas and activities related to the environment, is the understanding of "Clean Environment". General environmental rules that must be complied with and special precautions to be taken during implementation according to their fields of activity and work are communicated to all our employees with instructions and procedures. It is a must to comply with the environmental rules in our company. Necessary measures are taken to prevent any environmental accident in our company, and all employees are responsible for complying with these measures. Issues that do not comply with the rules are recorded, evaluated and corrective actions are developed.

  • Leakage Spills and Emergencies

In order to prevent possible leakage and spillage, wastes in the hazardous waste area, chemicals in the warehouse and production areas are stored appropriately. There are absorbents and emergency plans in areas where chemicals are used. All precautions are taken while the waste is taken to the landfill. Personal protective equipment has been delivered to ensure the health and safety of those responsible for the collection, transportation and temporary storage of hazardous wastes.


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Our Company's Responsibilities
  1. To prevent occupational risks, to take all kinds of measures, including training and information, to organize, to provide the necessary tools and equipment, to adapt health and safety measures to changing conditions and to improve the current situation,,
  2. To monitor and control whether the occupational health and safety measures taken in the workplace are complied with and to ensure that nonconformities are eliminated
  3. To make or have an Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment,
  4. When assigning duties to the employee, to consider the employee's suitability for the job in terms of health and safety, or to ensure that it is taken into account,
  5. To take or ensure that the necessary measures are taken to prevent the employees, other than those who have been given sufficient information and instructions, from entering places with life and special dangers,
  6. To prepare or have emergency plans prepared, to assign a sufficient number of people who are appropriately equipped and trained in these matters, to provide tools and equipment, to have training and drills, and to ensure that teams are always ready
  7. Notifying the Social Security Institution of occupational accidents, occupational diseases reported by health service providers or occupational physicians within three working days from the date of learning, or ensuring that they are notified.
  8. To keep or ensure that the records of all work related to occupational health and safety are kept in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation and in time,
  9. Informing the employees and employee representatives about the health and safety risks that may be encountered in the workplace, protective and preventive measures, legal rights and responsibilities, first aid, extraordinary situations, disasters and fire fighting and evacuation, taking into account the characteristics of the workplace, and ensuring that they receive training,
  10. To provide the opportunity and sufficient time for the occupational safety specialist to make a risk assessment at the planning stage on issues such as the application of new technologies, the work equipment to be selected, the change of working environment and conditions.

Giving employees the right to convey their opinions and submit proposals on the application of new technologies, the work equipment to be selected, the effect of the working environment and conditions on the health and safety of the employees, to take part in the negotiations on these issues and to ensure their participation